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(SP) Initial Site Map

6 Dec

The initial site map for the central parts of the site.

Shows the organization of the front page's body, plus the global header and footer.

Shows the organization of the front page’s body, plus the global header and footer.

If a wireframe resembles a blueprint of a building, the site map works similarly to the organizational chart for a business.  Both give you insight into the “bones” of the website, but with different emphases.  By shrinking each page to an equally-weighted symbol, we can see how much content is actually available through a page, and whether the grouping of that information makes logical sense.  Each page gets a unique identifier, so it’s easier to see where access points to the same page recur.

This site flow follows the symbolism laid out in A Project Guide to UX Design (2012; 2nd edition).  A page is represented by a box; a link that leads to multiple pages on one page from a single template (like a blog) is represented by a “stack” of boxes.  A link that leads to an external page (ex. the production site’s e-mail address opens the user’s own Outlook account) has a curly edge.  For multiple pages of a type that that have different templates (ex. a season’s worth of episodes), the labeling gives each single page a sub-label system.