QuickNote: Wireframing Tools

3 Dec

Question for experienced UX designers: what was your first wireframing tool, and how did you conclude that it was the right place to start?

So far, I’m using pen-and-paper and whiteboards. They work great!  But the production values are less than stellar.  And whiteboards don’t scan too well.

An informal survey of job posting for UX designers reveals the Big Three: Microsoft Visio, Axure, and OmniGraffle.  I like the reviews for OmniGraffle, but it’s Mac-only, and my newbie budget cannot support the Mac transition right now.

There are numerous excellent-looking cheaper systems like HotGloo (in September, UXMagazine.com rated it the WireFraming Champeen of the web-tool class) and Balsamiq.  But at this point in my career, for credibility’s sake, I feel like I’ve got to start by mastering one of the Big Three.


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